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William was a coal miner in Pilsley, Derbyshire, England. The army sent recruiting officers around the villages. William volunteered to fight as it seemed better than coal mining, and it was believed that the war would be over by Christmas. William is said to have been the first man in his village to sign up. He was 20 years old when he enlisted as a Guardsman in the Grenadier Guards on 26 August 1914. On 22 Jan 1915 he landed in France and qualified for the Campaign Medals: Victory Medal, British War Medal and 1914-15 Star. He was was wounded and was back home by Easter to convalesce. Later he was sent back to France. In 1918 his right arm was severely gashed and he was discharged from the army due to wounds. His arm healed but was never the same again and it affected his piano playing. He would not talk about the war to his family.

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War Badge

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Medal Card

William Cooper Medal Ribbon and Coins

Medal ribbon, and coins which were in William's pocket when he was wounded (and were covered in his blood).